Septyan Pratama, Imas Damayanti


This study is about the effect of ambient music therapy to decrease the level of anxiety of athletes in archery. The purpose of this study is to determine whether the ambient music therapy has a significant influence to reduce the level of anxiety of athletes in archery. This research uses quasi-experimental method with a non-equivalent control group design that involves two groups which are the experimental group and the control group. The experimental group received a treatment of ambient music therapy, while the control group received a suggestion to relax the body and mind without listening to music. The research sample consisted of 12 archery athletes of PPLP Jawa Barat were extracted using a saturated sampling technique. The results of data analysis showed a significant decrease of anxiety levels in the experimental group with significant value of p = 0.002> 0.05. In result of that, there is a decrease by 16.94%, it  means that H0 is rejected. Therefore, is a significant influence of the ambient music therapy to decrease the level of anxiety of athletes in archery.



Kecemasan, Terapi musik, Musik ambient, Olahraga Panahan

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