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The most recent development in the American government's efforts to fix the subprime mess has been Obama's $75 billion plan to stop foreclosures threatening the mortgage market. This plan seems to finally bring some relief to the unfortunate homeowners hustling to keep their sheltering condos.

But no government plan is without its limitations, the plan is only meant to serve the needs of a total of nine million American families. Apart from this there are many benefits that the plan has to offer too.

Here is look at both the dimensions.


· Presently the homeowners applying for a mortgage modification process need a greenline loans payday lenders not brokers no credit check-to-property-value ratio of not more than eight percent. Although the value is pretty reasonable, many debtors are falling short of it due to the special crisis ridden scenario. The foreclosure plan has increased this limit to 105% thus broadening the circle of inclusion.

· By offering incentives to the providers of loan modification services, Obama's plan has considerably encouraged the lenders and banks to opt for loan modification rather than foreclosures.

· The federal greenline loans indian tribal loans installment modification program has established uniform guidelines for the banks and lenders to follow. This has prevented any discrepancies in formulating a mortgage modification plan and also made the whole process more universal.


· The plan puts in the hands of the court judges authority to write the modified principals in cases of bankruptcy. This, through a complex process is likely to give rise to higher mortgage rates in the future.

· The incentives that Obama's program has to offer to the servicers in no doubt welcomed. But there are certain guidelines that also grant a few compensations to the investors in terms of loan modifications. This is however not required as the "pay for success" provision is already bringing in benefits for the investors.

· The pooling and services agreement or the securitization contract does not include a provision for a loan modification. The plan provides no clause that would shield the servicers in case of a lawsuit filed by the investor.

All in all, despite the loopholes, the plan seems to be a fair enough answer to the challenges posed by the economic crisis and that explains why it is being opted for by many needy debtors.

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