Peran Media Time Lines Chart Dalam Pembelajaran IPS di Sekolah Dasar

Dwilusiyana Nurulanjani


Media plays an important role in the learning process, many research results reveal the media give effect to the improvement of student learning outcomes. Initial findings of the research in class V SDN Sindangjati, Paseh-Sumedang showed students having low historical thinking skills, because the subject of history study in IPS dense subjects contains abstract facts so difficult to understand that impact on students tend to be difficult to remember when and what happens in historical events that are historical thinking skill. Efforts are made to overcome these problems by using media time lines chart. The result of research using Classroom Action Research Method  shows that the media time lines chart can increase the historical thinking skill of the increase is known from the percentage increase of historical thinking skill in cycle I that is 62,50%. Then in cycle II, there is an increase of 87.50%. This means that the media time lines chart on learning IPS historical material events Proclamation can increase historical thinking skills. This means that the historical historical thinking test of social studies learning historical material of the Proclamation event has reached and fulfilled the targeted target of 84.38% previously.


media time lines chart; historical thinking skill; classroom action research



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