Production Management in “ Pare “ Documentary Films

Ike Ratnawati, Gharisa Nur Alam


This research discusses the management of the production of a documentary film entitled Pare which was produced by several students from batch 2019. The Pare film raises the issue of food security that occurs in the Ciptagelar customary village, in Sukabumi, West Java province. This study aims to find out how the creative process in the production management of the documentary film Pare starts from the initial stages, namely pre-production, production and post-production during the film-making process. The research results show that the documentary film Pare at the pre-production stage carries out idea planning and the process of developing ideas, how to focus on goals in the film, there are limitations in the focus of the problem, and conducts research in literature to find data and conduct meetings directly with one of the sources , determining the appropriate way of speaking and approach to the subjects as well as production planning, funding planning, equipment preparation and crew management. In the production stage of the Pare documentary, there have been several shifts from the main discussion because it was adjusted to the data, what we can get and see the actual conditions on the ground, of course during production it is very important to conduct briefings and evaluations while in place, as well taking pictures, coordinating with other crews how to solve problems if they don't match the initial plan, coordination is also carried out up to technical matters such as the process of taking camera angles and the right composition. In the final process, namely the post-production stage starting from raw editing using editing scripts, selecting images, narration, ambiance, and conducting discussions between the director and editor regarding the selected images, as well as previews to correct deficiencies in the film to be corrected immediately.


Production Management; Documentary film; Pare

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