Lived Experiences of Overseas Filipino Nurses in Western and Middle–Eastern Countries Amidst the Covid – 19 Pandemic

Hyacinth Jane P. Dela Pena, Geraldine C. Galindez, Suharto A. Sanduyogan, Sharmaine S. Vicente, Elmer G. Organia


Nurses are one of the most vital frontlines in combating and alleviating the spread of the novel coronavirus, commonly known as COVID–19. The study aimed to describe the lived experiences of overseas Filipino nurses working in Western and Middle Eastern countries amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. This study utilized a descriptive-phenomenological method research design and was conducted online in the City of Tacurong, Sultan Kudarat, Philippines. The respondents of this study were the selected five (5) Overseas Filipino Nurses in Western countries and five (5) Overseas Filipino Nurses in Middle–Eastern countries. Colaizzi's Thematic Analysis was used to analyze the data. This study presented emergent themes of stressors, coping mechanisms, short/long-term effects, and participants' responses based on their lived experiences. Overseas Filipino nurses are not just "modern-day heroes" but also "modern-day shepherds" who constantly look for greener pastures for their families in the Philippines. With family and friends as shoelaces that strengthen the difficult journey, overseas Filipino nurses put their "Leg – On," a term derived from the Ilonggo term "Malig- on," which means strong in facing the difficulties and realities of working in another country.


Coping mechanisms; OFW resilience; Overseas Filipino nurses

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