Indonesian Journal of Systemic Functional Linguistics

The Indonesian Journal of Systemic Functional Linguistics is an international, peer-reviewed journal managed collaboratively by the Indonesian Association of Systemic Functional Linguistics (ALSFI) and Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia. This journal explores the appliability of Systemic Functional Linguistics theory in diverse range of contexts, emphasising  the interplay of  SFL theory, its description, and development  in response to   language-related problems  in a broader social context. The journal welcomes contributions in the following areas of inquiries:

  • Register studies
  • Genre studies
  • Language and transdisciplinary studies
  • Language and education
  • Multimodality
  • Language and the law
  • Language, identity, and community
  • Discourse analysis
  • Language description
  • Translation studies
  • Multilingualism


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