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The research objective describes the management of high grade in an elementary school in the implementation of thematic learning. This research is research that uses qualitative approach with phenomenological qualitative research. Subjects were high-grade teachers in public primary schools 76 / IX Mendalo as many as nine people. Data was collected through observation and interviews. The results of the study of text on thematic learning classroom management in primary school. The results showed high-grade elementary school teacher 76 / IX Mendalo, Muaro management skills class with good category. Thematic learning is implemented through good classroom management. Three components of classroom management are met, namely: the management of physical, socio-emotional, and organsasional. The conclusion is in the implementation of thematic learning thing to note is classroom management. High-grade teacher SD Negeri 76 / IX Mendalo attention to classroom management in the implementation of thematic learning.


Management Classroom, Learning Thematic, High Grade Elementary School.


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.17509/jap.v27i1.24401


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