Perubahan Fisiologis Pada Permainan Esports Kompetitif: Studi Esports Berbasis Mobile

Tian Kurniawan, Rizki Hazazi Ali, Shelly Novianti Ismanda, Muhammad Naufal Abdurahman, Dery Rimasa


Physiological aspects have been found affected during and following eSports activity especially on computer-based eSports. There are still lack of studies that mentioned physiological changes on mobile-based eSports. This study aims to investigate how mobile-based eSports (Mobile Legend) affecting some physiological aspects during and post gaming competition in college student. 20 players from 4 teams participated in a competition and then became the sample of this study. Heart rate and energy expenditure, were recorded as physiological aspects. Based on previous studies, we hypothesized that mobile-based eSports also affecting physiological aspects.


Physiology, esports, competition

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