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River restoration in Indonesia is very important  to be implemented because the river quality has been degraded. This action  aims to improve the quality and function of rivers. Actual action has been done for landscape function. Several river restoration alternatives namely, river restoration species, river restoration ecosystem/landscape, and river restoration of ecosystem services  (flood control,  raw water, and hydropower plants). This research was done with questionnaire survey which are distributed to experts. The proposed research consists of  Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) with five criteria’s, they are: river water, habitat, cost, landscape, and action. Based on these result several important sub criteria were water quality, water quantity, water use, water usage, biodiversity, species, population, agriculture, and public education. The result showed that the river restoration of ecosystem services (flood control,  raw water, hydropower plants) is the most suitable alternative for all expert, but each expert has different suggestion.  Furtheremore, the next questionnaire survey include stakeholders and community  of watershed, and selecting river restoration public education for community of watershed.


river restoration; AHP; criteria; alternative

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