Journal of Indonesian Tourism, Hospitality and Recreation

Journal of Indonesian Tourism, Hospitality and Recreation is a tourism scientific journal, published by Study Program Management of Resort and Leisure, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia. This Journal is supported by tourism scholar associations Ikatan Cendikiawan Pariwisata Indonesia (ICPI). The journal publishes two issues in April and October which consist of 10 articles in each issue. Editors also encourage authors to be able to publish articles such as research results, findings, and academic writings, especially those relating to tourism, hospitality, and outdoor recreation. This Journal has been accredited SINTA 3 by Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology reference No 164/E/KPT/2021We strongly emphasized authors to submit an article which never been published before, either in the repository, conference, or other journals.

eISSN : 2654-4687  |  pISSN : 2654-3893



Progress: Pre Print and D.O.I


Dear Author, thank you very much for your patience, we have been dormant since the Ramadhan Extended Public Holiday. However, we already uploaded the issue temporarily (Volume 6, No.1) in this personal link. Your article has been progressing to acquire the D.O.I activation. Thank you so much once again for your attention, and we sincerely apologize for the delay.

Editorial Team

Posted: 2021-11-25
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Vol 6, No 1 (2023): Journal of Indonesian Tourism, Hospitality and Recreation (April)

Table of Contents


Azhar Alam, Ririn Tri Ratnasari, Fadila Ainur Jamil, Aminudin Ma'ruf
Dhiki Ardin Hutama, Muhammad Sri Wahyudi Suliswanto
Wisnu Riyanto, Myrza Rahmanita, Saptarining Wulan
Mukaromah Mukaromah, Liya Umaroh
Agung Gita Subakti, Hendaris - Adriyanto
Euis Dasipah
Sri Marhanah, Erry Sukriah, Agripa Juniardi, Budi Harto
Reny Rahmalina, Syihabuddin Syihabuddin, Wawan Gunawan, Anisa Arianingsih
Siska Mandalia, Ari Saputra, Wiranda Wulandari
Yeni Puspitasari, Muhamad Muhamad
Ahmad Hudaiby Galih Kusumah