Antimutagenic activity of Torch Ginger (Etlingera eliator ) extract

Hernawati Hernawati


Torch ginger (Etlingera elatior) or locally known as honje is frequently used as traditional medicine due to its high antioxidant properties. In this research, we analyzed torch ginger extract ability as an antimutagen agent for male mouse (Mus musculus) inducted with cyclophosphamide, in which micronuclei, erythrocyte, leucocyte, and hemoglobin level after treatment with torch ginger extract were used as indicators of antimutagenic activity. Results suggested that torch ginger extract decreases micronuclei and increases erythrocyte, leucocyte, and hemoglobin level which indicate its ability as an antimutagenic agent. The different antimutagenic activity was found for torch ginger leaf and flower extract.


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