The Positive Investor Perception On Earnings Quality And Tax Management

Muljanto Siladjaja


Empirically, high earnings quality positively influences market price movement. This is because it serves as a brief management guideline for implementing accounting standards and tax regulations for continuous meaningful improvement. This research tests investor’s perception of high earnings quality and tax management for a better prospect as indicated by future market value. An analysis of future return and dividend payout shows that the firm is currently on the right track, which significantly impacts the risk and agency fluctuation in the following period. This study used questionnaires to gather information from 384 respondents, including related parties with a dominant influence on the investment decision. Through structural equitation modeling, unobserved variables included earnings quality, tax management, and future market value, including dividend policy. The observed variable was the push for increasing the accounting information quality. The high earnings quality indicates management's obedience in implementing all available regulations, both accounting standard and tax regulation. The dividend policy, related to earnings quality and tax management, positively contributes to a high financial reporting quality. Concerning Decision Tree Model and Bayes Theorem, the high accounting information quality is an application of game theory, including estimating the probability of long or short positions. As a mandatory obligation, the dividend policy is used to pressure the management to provide high-quality accounting information.


earnings quality, future market value, tax management.

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