Grape Drying Process Using Machine Vision Based on Multilayer Perceptron Networks

Suprapto Suprapto, Edy Riyanto


This paper proposed a grape drying machine using computer vision and Multi-layer Perceptron (MLP) method. Computer vision is for taking grapes’ image on conveyor, whereas MLP is for controlling grape drying machine and classifying its output. To evaluate the proposed, a kind of grapes are put on conveyor of the machine and their images are taken every two min. Some parameters of MLP to control the drying machine includes dried grape, temperature, grape area, motor position, and motion speed. Those parameters are to adjust an appropriate MLP’s output, including motion control and heater control. Two different temperatures are employed on the machine, including 60 and 75°C. The results showed that the grape could be dried with similar area 3800 pixel at the 770th min using temperature 60°C and at the 410th min using temperature 75°C.  Comparing between them, the similar ratio could also be achieved at 0.64 with different time 360 min. Indeed, the temperature setting at 75°C resulted faster drying performance.


Machine Vision; Drying Grape; Multi-layer Perceptron

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