Penerapan Strategi OK5R (Overview, Key Ideas, Read, Record, Recite, Reflect dan Review) untuk Meningkatkan Kemampuan Membaca Pemahaman Siswa di Kelas V Sekolah Dasar

Annisa Mardhiyah, Tatat Hartati, Ira Rengganis


This research is motivated by a problem with the ability of 5th grade students tounderstand the reading text. Thus, researchers use the OK5R method as an effort to improvethe ability to read students ' understanding. Research was implemented using the class actionresearch method using the Kemmis and McTaggart designs. The study was conducted in twosiklus, which is planning, implementation, observation and reflection. Data analysis is donewith qualitative data analysis and quantitative data analysis. The implementation of the OK5Rstrategy is divided into three stages, namely the pre-reading stage, reading stage and postreading stage. The classical submission percentage reads students ' understanding of the cycleI by 14% and on cycle II by 86%. As for the increase in the average score, the indicator readsunderstanding at the first indicator in cycle I of 63.64 and in cycle II 84.09. The secondindicator of the I cycle is 34.09 and in cycle II of 90.91. The third indicator of the I cycle is72.73 and cycle II is 76.14. The fourth indicator of the I cycle is 61.36 and 76.14. Thus, thestrategy of reading understanding OK5R can improve comprehension reading ability.


reading strategy,ok5r strategy, reading comprehension skills

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