Corrigendum to “Exploring Preschool Teachers' Pedagogical Content Knowledge: The Effect of Professional Experience” [Journal of Science Learning 4(2) (2021) 160-172]

Ali Yigit Kutluca, Semanur Nacar


The authors regret that <The co-author Semanur Nacar is not included in the author list. Please add the name as co-author of this paper since this manuscript contained data collected with my graduate student (Semanur Nacar)>. In the original manuscript, the author name is Ali Yigit Kutluca. In the corrected version, the authors contain Ali Yigit Kutluca, Semanur Nacar. The authors would like to apologize for any inconvenience caused. This manuscript was produced from the second author's master's thesis "Examination of pedagogical content knowledge towards science teaching of preschool teachers continuing master's education".

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