Author(s) Fees

This journal charges the following author fees.

Publication Fee/APCs:

*For Author(s) from Outside of Indonesia:

Articles submitted beginning April 1, 2023, are charged $100.

*For Author(s) from Indonesia:

Article submitted in Indonesian or English IDR 1.500.000

If submitted in English, the author(s) is required to include a proofreading letter or certificate from a company or an English language expert.


Waiver Policy

We greatly appreciate the interest in the publication of high-quality article writers. Therefore, we do not want the costs to be a barrier to publishing high-quality articles, especially for the authors who have difficulty paying the publication fees. We apply a policy to free the author from publication fees with the following conditions: (1) the article submitted is of high quality and has a contribution to the field of study based on the assessment of the editorial board; (2) articles are written in good English; (3) the author proposes a fee waiver addressed to the editor via e-mail [at]