The Immense Influence of Motivation on Teachers’ Effectiveness in the Teaching Job in Lagos State Nigeria

Abidogun Abidogun


This paper examined the impact of motivation on teachers’ effectiveness in selected public secondary school in Lagos state Nigeria. A descriptive method survey was adopted, and three different hypotheses were formulated for the purpose of the study. Self-constructed questionnaire named Motivation on Teachers’ Effectiveness in Teaching (MTET) was used to elicit information for the research. The samples used for the study are one hundred teachers randomly selected from three selected public secondary schools in Mushin local government area of Lagos state Nigeria. Statistically data which include chi-square was used to test all hypotheses. Findings of the study revealed that all the three hypotheses raised were rejected. It was recommended that the terms and conditions of service of teachers need to be improve and Lagos state government should be work out incentive packages to increase teachers‘motivation to teach in public secondary schools.


Extrinsic Motivation; Intrinsic Motivation; Motivation; Teaching; Teacher Effectiveness.

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