Analyzing Gender Stereotypes in Eva Ibbotson's Which Witch? (1992)

Zahra Nurul Aliyyah


Gender stereotypes are notorious for their harmful effects; yet, the stereotypes
are still found and encouraged through many aspects of life, including literary
works such as children’s literature. This present study examines a children-targeted novel to find whether the book conforms or goes against gender
stereotypes. The novel examined is written by Eva Ibbotson and titled Which
Witch? (1992). The present study specifically analyzes the gender stereotypical
traits and attributes found in the characterization of the characters. To analyze the
data, Evan-Davies’ (2000) and Copenhaver’s (2002) lists of traits and attributes
have been drawn on. The study reveals that the book seems to perpetuate and
promote gender stereotypes by embedding gender stereotypical traits and
attributes in the characterization of the protagonists of the novel.

Keywords: gender stereotypes, children’s literature, gender-stereotypical traits
and attributes 

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