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The COVID-19 pandemic affected its economic impact and disrupted all the economies in the world, including in Indonesia, causing many people to lose their jobs, close some of their businesses and the possibility of an economic crisis. When the number of cases of infection and death has increased sharply and recovery from a pandemic remains uncertain even in developed countries, evidence of shocks throughout the economy including China, Europe and the US has emerged. The purpose of this paper is to provide an overall understanding of the possibility of a pandemic macroeconomic shock, which includes economic activity in several affected areas, knowing how much the hospitality industry is affected by the same experiencing losses due to not having visitors as usual days. The COVID-19 pandemic also caused several sectors of Digital Travel Marketing companies to experience a drastic decline because almost all public transportation access was restricted and given a 100% refund. This paper discusses the monetary effects of COVID-19 emergencies across companies, and countries. It speaks of a monetary crisis through financial movements which are strongly affected by the ongoing pandemic. The monetary potential of COVID-19 throughout the world is still in high percentage, some workers are still in the period of vacation and some have been fired from the company.

KeywordsPandemic Effects, Tourism Industry, Tangerang


Pandemic Effects, Tourism Industry, Tangerang

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