Yuni Muharomah, Respaty Mulyanto, Dewi Susilawati


Based on preliminary the background of this condition is an excellent means and infrastructure for students to understand basic basic techniques under volleyball, and also attract students' interest and performance of teachers in less interesting, underprivileged and junior students in the lessons. The purpose of this study is to improve the planning, implementation of teacher performance in learning and activities as well as student learning outcomes in improving students' ability to perform basic passing under volleyball techniques. This study uses Classroom Action Research. The implementation procedure refers to the Kemmis and Mc Taggart models consisting of 4 steps in each cycle, namely planning, implementation, observation and reflection. This study completed in three cycles. Instrument used are observation sheet of learning planning, teacher performance, student activity and test of passing down learning result. Based on the results of the implementation of the action carried out as many as three cycles, learning planning has increased. In the initial data, planning reached 54.5%, in the first cycle reached 67.29%, then in the second cycle increased to 83.34% and cycle III reached 97.4%. In the early data of teacher performance reach 67,91%, in cycle I reach 72,91%, then in cycle II increased to 93,75% and at cycle III reach 94,74%. Increased student activity in basic technique of passing under volleyball done by three cycles with improvement. At the beginning of the data there are 3 students complete or 12% of the total number, in the first cycle students complete as 6 students or 24%, then on the completed cycle II as many as 12 students or 48% and in the complete cycle III there are 17 students or 68%. Thus efforts to improve the basic technique of learning passing under the volley through various media.          

Keywords: Technique passing bolow volles through various media.

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