Pengaruh Media Target Terhadap Keterampilan Chest Pass Bola Basket

Cecep Ichsan Awalludin, Respaty Mulyanto, Dinar Dinangsit



Based on the findings at the time of learning in elementary school, that there are still many students who have not been able to carry out basketball chest passes properly and correctly. The way to improve it is researchers use target media and conventional learning with the aim of knowing the effects of target media and conventional learning as well as significant differences between the two. The target media and conventional pursuits are aids in improving basketball chest pass skills, so that it can facilitate students in doing basketball chest pass skills properly and correctly. The research method used was Quasi Experiment with Nonequivalent Control Group Design. The population used in this study were students of Cimalaka II Elementary School and SDN Licin District of Cimalaka, Sumedang Regency with a sample of 30 students. The sampling technique is saturated sampling using the Werry-Doelittle method. The analysis was carried out in a quantitative manner from the results of the pretest and posttest which showed that the influence of the target media was smaller than the influence of conventional learning.

Keywords: Target Media, Chest Pass, Basketball

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