Penerapan strategi pembelajaran blog melalui pbl untuk meningkatkan penguasaan konsep besaran dan pengukuran siswa smp

Hany Ekawati, Sutrisno Sutrisno, Achmad Samsudin


Based on observations, one of the schools in KBB was skilled in computer receipts coupled with wifi facility. However, wifi facilities in schools are not utilized in the classroom. Learning physics in school only uses the board and giving exercises. whereas there are many applications of applied physics at the light material. This makes the replay value under KKM .This study aimed to describe the increasing mastery of the concept. Treatment that learning strategy blog through PBL. Students are given 20 questions mastery of concepts before and after treatment. Quantitative methods to the design of the study one group pretest-posttest design used in this study. Samples were taken using purposive sampling with a sample of students at Junior High School 41 in KBB. Data collected in the form of the initial and final test results. The data were analyzed using the normalized gain. The results of the N-gain showed increasing mastery of the concept. The results of data processing gain <g> of 0.5. It shows that the learning strategy can increase the PBL blog through mastery of concepts in the middle category.


Learning Strategy Blog Through PBL; Mastery Of Concepts

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