Analisis konsep fisika melalui pendekatan klasik pada animasi 'Animation vs. Physics' oleh Alan Becker: Studi kasus gerakan stickman dan aplikasi prinsip mekanika klasik dalam konteks animasi

Ruben Cornelius Siagian, Arip Nurahman, Goldberd Harmuda Sinaga, Reza Ariefka, Pandu Pribadi


This research explores the application of classical physics concepts to animation 'Animation vs. Physics' work by Alan Becker, especially in the representation of Stickman movement. Through the analysis of concepts such as displacement, velocity, force, momentum, and energy, this research aims to provide a deep visual understanding of the principles of classical physics. By limiting the focus to Stickman interactions with objects and the surrounding environment, this research provides an innovative foundation for physics teaching, presenting a more engaging visual approach and enriching students' understanding of abstract physics concepts. The implication of this research is the potential for using animation as an effective learning tool in teaching physics concepts that are difficult to understand. This research fills a gap in the physics education literature with a new approach that uses animation to explain physics concepts more visually and thoroughly, presenting an engaging and useful learning tool in physics education.


Animasi pendidikan fisika; Konsep fisika klasik; Gerakan Stickman; Pengajaran interaktif; Media visual dalam pendidikan


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