Author Guidelines

Guideline for Authors

  1. Manuscripts are the result of research that has not been published in other journals;
  2. The manuscript is typed using the Microsoft Word program (not in PDF format), written in Cilibri (12 fonts) and paragraphs (1) spaced.
    1. Manuscripts are prepared in English or Indonesian. However, the Abstract is made in two languages: English and Indonesian (9 points)
    2. The minimum length of the publication manuscript is 4000 words and a maximum of 6000 words, including attachments, tables and figures.
    3. Each table and figure is given a sequential number, title, and source of quotation.
    4. Writing quotations and reference literature using APA Style 7th and recommended using Mendeley.
    5. The manuscript should be sent to the journal or email:
    6. Contents of the manuscript:
  • The title of the manuscript must be a maximum of 14 words written in English.
  • The author's name is written without title, affiliation (Study Program, Faculty/School, University), e-mail address of the first author or corresponding author.
  • Abstracts are written between 100-200 words with 3-5 keywords, written in English and Indonesian. The abstract is arranged in one paragraph. The content includes background, purpose of writing, methods, research results, and implications.
  • The contents of the manuscript and systematics as well as the percentage of the number of pages are as follows.
  1. Introduction includes background, problem formulation, purpose of writing (15%)
  2. Literature review containing theories or concepts as well as previous research (15%)
  3. The method contains research design, research objects and participants, research location and time, data collection techniques and data analysis techniques (10%)
  4. Results and Discussion present research results that answer the problem formulation, and discussion/analysis (50%).
  5. Conclusions and recommendations (10%).
  6. Acknowledgment for research articles if the research is sponsored by certain parties.
  7. The bibliography lists a minimum of 15 references