Retno Budi Wahyuni, Naniek Kuswardhani


Designing a good assignment will shape the student learning. Have we known the most
important thing in designing and selecting assignments for our students. Asstated by
Maryellen Weimer (2015:2):” We can more effectively shape learning outcomes if we start
with objectives that force us to get specific about whatwe want students to know and be able
Specific coourse objectives should be decided before designing a good assignment that can
force the teacher to find specific assignment matched to what the students have to know and
be able to do, so a teacher can have more effective learning outcomes. Every assignment
influences the shape of learning outcomes.
In modern era technology a teacher has more options to design writing assignments. The
research done is finding the learning outcomes from the students by giving the same writing
design assignment. The data is taken from comparing their writing through blog or respons to
posts that students know, will be read and commented on not only by their peers but also by
public blog posts, and peer writing that will be read and commented on only by their partner.
The result is the students could get a lot of comments that can make them more aware of their
mistakes in writing through blog, while through peer writing the students get comments only
from their partners. In other words, the students could get better outcomes through blog than
peer writing.
Keywords: a good assignment, learning outcomes, objectives

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