Penyebab Kebangkrutan PT Sariwangi dan Analisisnya dengan menggunakan Teori Goal Setting

Rega Ramadhan


The purpose of this study is to locate the cause of the bankruptcy of a company by using the Sariwangi tea company as an object and to provide solutions and insights using goal setting theory so that other companies do not take the same path. Data were taken from book literature, existing data, previous research and the internet. The method used is using the vosviewer application to find research gaps, especially keywords that have not been used and using the literature study/literature study method to explain them. The results and conclusions show that PT Sariwangi is too focused on its goal to expand the company to a larger size without paying attention to the clarity of goals, challenges to be faced, commitment to a product, feedback or criticism from consumers, and the complexity of the tasks carried, besides that PT Sariwangi does not fully implement goal setting theory or goal setting, this has an impact on two factors that cause bankruptcy.


Keywords: Sariwangi; Business strategy; Goal Setting; Bankruptcy

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