Strategi Keluar Investasi Private Equity Di Asia Tenggara

Juliana Tenriani Frederick, Ririen Setiati Riyanti, Ririen Setiati Riyanti


Private equity is an alternative source of funding in the form of not-listed equity. The increase in private equity deals value comes with unavoidable exit strategy plans in times of divestment cycle. This study aimed to examine the factors that can help private equity firms choose a suitable exit strategy. By observing 217 private equity companies that exited from investment in the Southeast Asia region for the period 2004-2021, it was discovered that mergers constituted the majority of the chosen exit strategy. Based on the results of the analysis using multinomial logistic regression, total funding, funding duration, and investment stage have a positive and significant impact on the exit strategy chosen by private equity firms.


Funding; Exit Strategy; Investment; Private Equity

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