Bibliometric Computational Mapping Analysis of Publications on Financial Technology in Islamic Capital Market

Ahmad Fadlur Rahman Bayuny, Yana Rohmana



Purpose – This study aims to explore and categorize research literature on Financial Technology in Islamic Capital Market systematically by mapping and visualizing it through bibliometric analysis using VOSviewer.

Methodology - The research from publications that have appeared in journals that are indexed by Google Scholar served as the foundation for the article data used in this study. A reference manager tool called Publish or Perish is used to gather research data. A literature review on the subject we chose was done with the help of the program Publish or Perish. 

Findings - The results show that research on Financial Technology in Islamic Capital Market is separated into 3 terms: Financial Technology, Islamic, Capital Market. The term "Financial Technology" is associated with 168 links with a total link strength of 581. The term "Islamic" has 191 links with a total link strength of 661. The term "Capital Market" has 219 links with a total link strength of 840. While the popular Islamic capital market research was carried out in 2019, namely 134 studies.

Keywords: Bibliometric, Computational maping analysis, Financial Technology, Islamic Capital Market, VOSviewer


bibliometric analysis, halal tourism, management

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