Journal History

The Department of MKDU FPIPS Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia first published the Journal "Taklim: Journal of Islamic Religious Education (TJPAI)" under the coordinator of the PAI and the PAI Seminar course in 2003 with the number ISSN 1693-2807. The journal is published regularly twice a year, namely March and September. With the same ISSN number starting from Volume 9 No. 1, the Taklim journal has an online publication at the address but has not yet used the OJS system.

In 2013, starting from Volume 11 Number 1, TJPAI submitted a new printed ISSN number 2337-4276. Starting in 2021, the management of OJS-based journals has started at the address, and the ISSN Online number 2776-026X began to be listed in volume 19 number 1 in 2021.