Penerapan Model Project Citizen dalam Upaya Meningkatkan Kecerdasan Ekologis

Galih Dani Septiyan Rahayu, Ruli Setiyadi


This research is about efforts to improve ecological intelligence using Citizen project model. The method used in this study is a classroom action research with the subject are regular students 3rd semester of Primary School Teacher Education IKIP Siliwangi. The result of this research is the learning planning using citezen project model need careful planning, there are some obstacles in the implementation of learning using the model of study of citizen project such as students still rigid in finding the problems, making solutions to problems and solving problems but through improvement in subsequent cycles of increased ecological intelligence seen from cycle I to cycle III have increased in the knowledge aspect with an average value of 86 (excellent), awareness with an average value of 3.60 (excellent) and the application with average value average of 3.70 (very good) associated with the ecological intelligence aspects of care about waste.


model project citizen; ecological intelligence; classroom action research


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