Interlude: Indonesian Journal of Music Research, Development, and Technology

Interlude: The Indonesian Journal of Music Research, Development, and Technology (ISSN: e.3062-6846 p.XXXX-XXXX) serves as a vibrant forum where professionals and academics collaborate to further the comprehension and implementation of music in the context of interdisciplinary research and technological advancements. Interlude, a scholarly journal published biennially by Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, is a guiding light for researchers interested in investigating the intricate interplay between technology, music, and diverse academic disciplines.

Interlude has consistently upheld a stringent adherence to open-access, peer-reviewed publication since its establishment, guaranteeing the widespread distribution of superior research to an international readership. The journal, published biennially in May and November, enables academics to exchange their most recent theoretical advancements, empirical discoveries, case studies, and exhaustive literature analyses. The journal's scope is extensive, reflecting the dynamic and multifaceted character of the intersection between technology and music.

Interlude encourages submissions that explore any facet of music technology and research, ranging from conventional musicology to modern advancements in digital sound processing. The journal employs a multidisciplinary approach to examine the cultural significance of indigenous musical traditions and the most recent advancements in music production software. This approach fosters collaboration and the exchange of ideas. In addition to disseminating research findings, Interlude endeavors to foster a dynamic community comprising scholars, practitioners, and technologists committed to exploring novel frontiers in music and technology. The journal endeavors to stimulate originality and propel music research and application progression by promoting discourse and cooperation among a wide range of participants.

Interlude is an interdisciplinary dialogue and state-of-the-art research in the rapidly developing domain of music technology. The journal's unwavering dedication to academic excellence and stringent editorial standards persistently motivate and enable scholars across the globe to delve into uncharted territories in the investigation and implementation of music in the digital era.

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First publication in November 2021 with a publication frequency of 6 months. Annual review schedule is every May and November.  
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Vol 3, No 2 (2024): Interlude: May 2024

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Daniel de Fretes, Fitriawati Fitriawati
Yefya Bako, Dandi Hafiddin, Feysya Salsabila Ramadhani
Nandya Abror Nurmusabih, Andhika Dzaki Naufal
Tauhid Firman Nurdin
Bayu Pratama