Determinants of Soft Skills Vocational Students: Bibliometric Analysis

Sri Astuti, Ashari Gunawan, Amir Machmud



Soft skills play an important role in success in the world of work, especially for vocational high school graduates whose output produces a workforce. This research has the output to find out the determinants of the soft skills of vocational high school students, in order to overcome the problem of the gap between the soft skills of SMK graduates and the industrial world, causing the unemployment rate from SMK to be quite high, as evidenced by the largest number of open unemployment in Indonesia in 2021 are SMK graduates with a percentage of 11.13%. The database from Google Scholar was used to collect publications related to vocational student soft skills and visualized with VOSviewer, then analyzed pairs of journal bibliographies, pairs of publication bibliographies, and co-occurrence of keywords. A total of 100 publications were selected following research criteria in the last 6 (six) years (2017-2022). This study aims to determine trends and research focus on soft skills publication at the vocational high school level, which then obtains the distribution for 2017 - 2022. Data collection techniques are carried out by downloading files on the Google Scholar database to see publication trends that have the greatest number of documents, journals, document types and the use of shared keywords. The method used is bibliometric analysis. A total of 100 documents collected from the Google Scholar database were then put together in 1 file in the Ris format and entered into the VOSviewer application to get network visualization, overlay visualization, and density visualization. The results of the study show that the publication trend is related to vocational student soft skills. The selected document data shows the trend of journals with the highest number of documents, namely the European Journal of Contemporary Education is in the top rank with 2 documents and 412 citations, followed by the Journal of management inquiry in second place with 2 documents and 266 citations. The keywords that are often researched are soft skills, student, and success which are the keywords that have the highest density.


Soft Skills, Vocational Student, Analysis Bibliometric

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