Effect of Pursed lip Breathing Exercise to Reduce Dyspnea in Patient with Asthma Bronchial: Case Study

Upik Rahmi, Herry Susanto, Ewa Zuzanna Krzyż, Widiyaningsih Widiyaningsih


Asthma causes chronic inflammatory disorders of the respiratory tract resulting in the narrowing of the airways so that asthmatics will complain, shortness of breath, heavy chest, and coughing, especially at night or early in the morning. One effort that can be done to overcome shortness of breath and improve oxygenation status is pursed-lip breathing which is a non-pharmacological therapy. This case study was conducted to analyze the application of pursed-lip breathing exercises to asthmatic patients who experience shortness of breath. This study used an evaluative design, namely a case study in asthmatic patients with shortness of breath. After observing the administration of pursed-lip breathing exercise for 3 days of treatment, there were changes in respiration rate, decreased breathing and shortness of breath. Pursed-lip breathing can reduce shortness of breath in asthma patients.


Pulsed lip breathing; Asthma; breathing exercise

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.17509/jpki.v8i2.51803


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