In-Vitro Anticancer Activity of Chemical Constituents from Etlingera alba Poulsen against Triple Negative Breast Cancer and in silico Approaches towards Matrix metalloproteinase-1 Inhibition

W. Wahyuni, Ajeng Diantini, Mohammad Ghozali, Anas Subarnas, Euis Julaeha, Riezki Amalia, Adryan Fristiohady, Andini Sundowo, Sofa Fajriah, Yuni Elsa Hadisaputri, Raden Maya Febrianti, Fauzia Azzahra, Agung W.M. Yodha, I. Sahidin


Etlingera alba (EA) is one of the endemic plants grown in Sulawesi. We determined the cytotoxic and anti-metastatic activity of isolates obtained from EA rhizome extract. IC50 value for 1,7-diphenyl-6-heptene-3-one, sitostenone, sinapyl alcohol diacetate, and sinapyl alcohol acetate were 134.59; 170 ; 128.11; and 161.96 μg/mL, respectively. The compounds also had anti-migration activity. 200-μg/mL Sitostenon exhibited the lowest migration rate (3.32%). The free bond energies of sitostenon, 1,7-diphenyl-6-heptene-3-one, sinapyl alcohol acetate, and sinapyl alcohol diacetate were -11.81; -8.25; -6.64; and -6.28 kcal/mol, respectively. All compounds were more effective in stabilizing the Matrix metalloproteinase 1 complex. Isolation from EA rhizomes have the potential to be developed as anti-metastatic for Triple-Negative Breast Cancer.


Anti-metastatic; Cytotoxic activity; Docking; Etlingera alba; MDA-MB-231 cell lines; MMP-1; Molecular dynamic

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