Model TTW dalam Meningkatkan Kemampuan Menulis Pendapat Di SD

Yustika Nurhasanah


Based on preliminary data results, found problems is students are difficult to tell their opinions, arrange sentences and connecting their opinions with stories that have been read. Therefore, application TTW model as solution to improve the ability of writing opinions with the research purpose to knowing the planning, implementation, and learning barriers in TTW model to improve the ability of writing opinions. The research method used action research level 1. This research result is learning planning from TTW model in accordance with the learning purpose to improve the ability of writing opinions and accordance with TTW model step. Next, implementation of the TTW model is able to increase knowledge and writing opinions skills through compiled learning steps. Then, learning barriers in TTW model is time allocation, student condition, and management class. Therefore, if the TTW model is applied, knowledge and writing opinion skill will improve.

Keyword: TTW Model, Writing Skill, Writing Opinions. 



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