Life Skill Development Through Pencak Silat Activities in The Positive Youth Development Framework

Aris Risyanto


The purpose of this study was to examine life skill development through pencak silat activities in the positive youth development context. This study used experimental research method. The study population consisted of students participating in pencak silat courses at Subang University. The sampling technique used in this study was the purposive sampling technique, involving 20 students. In this study, the model used was the True Experimental Design. The research instrument used in this research was a life skills questionnaire with a Likert scale measurement. The analysis of this research employed IBM SPSS software version 25.0. Hypothesis testing used paired sample testing. The results of the analysis gained the value of sig (0.00) < (0.05) for the experimental group and the value of sig (0.066) < (0.05) for the control group. This study concludes that the integration of life skills in the experimental group had an impact on the development of life skills. In future research, we will further discuss life skill development so that we can see the most important life skill component for life skill development.


Life Skills, Pencak Silat, Positive Youth Development, Sports

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