Maria Ulfah Azis Wahab Iim Siti Masyitoh


The success of a learning process is greatly determined by teacher’s ability in delivering the learning material. However, to be able to deliverlearning material well, a teacher must have the creativity, innovation and teaching skills in applying a learning model.Therefore, any efforts in innovating teaching model undertaken by teachers need to be improved.One of the ways is through the use of Jerat Palang model learning innovation. Jerat Palang an innovative learning which aims at making students actively involved and dare to express opinions without diminishing the seriousness of the learning in class. A qualitative approach is used in this research by using a study case method. The techniques of data collection are interview, observation, documentation, literature review, and field notes. The result of the research reveals that: 1) The design of a Jerat Palang model learning comprises syllabus and lesson plan; 2) In applying Jerat Palang learning model:(a) the teacher divides the class into 3 groups, (b) the teacher explains subject materials, (c) the groups are discussing and question-answer session, (d) The groups’ representative fillsa simulation board, (e) the teacher ranks the fastest and the most accurate group, (f) the fastest and the most precisegroup play Jerat Palang, (g) two members of the winning group become the Palang, (h) students walk past the crossbar while singing, (i) whenever the whistle is blown, students are trappedin the Palang and take the question on the material tree, then answer it, (j) if the student can answer the question from the material tree, he should hand the participation’s card and will earn points. 3) The success of Jerat Palang learning model in civics education subject can be seen from the result of the learning process.4) Obstacles faced are (a) the limitation of time, (b) students’ motivation, (c) students’ lack of experience using Jerat Palang model, (d) students’ lack of understanding on the material, (e) school’s facilities that are inadequate, (f) classroom that are not supporting. 5) Attempts to overcome the obstacles include:: (a) teachers have to plan the time efficiently, (b) teachers have to motivate smartly,(c) students are given explanation on the previous meeting,(d) learning material should be relevance to the students’ need, (e) teachers’ role in creating the atmosphere of the class is the main factor that should be done, (f) teachers should be able to handle the class, because classroom is an environment that needs to be organized.
Keywords: learning model innovation, learning model design, expressing opinions, civics education.

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