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The rapid impact of globalization, is not impossible to affect indigenous cultures into our identity as a nation and would undermine nationalism. Indonesian national vision to give the role to the Indonesian people to proactively anticipate the development of the environment in changing times. As one way of implementing the values of the concept of nationalism in increasing nationalism could through student organizations. This study used a qualitative approach and methods of comparative studies. Data collected through observation, interviews, and documentation. The research findings show that construction vision and mission of the BEM REMA UPI and BEM KEMA UNPAD have the same perception, where the vision and mission of the organization used as a direction in movement. Foreign Ministry views of members of BEM REMA UPI and BEM KEMA UNPAD have the same view that the program is designed is a positive thing for the members and all students in the changing attitude towards his country, as an implementation of the values of national awareness. The efforts by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs BEM REMA UPI that is by awareness of its role and functions of the students, the intellectual level of students, improved coordination and information, network expansion (link), and a regeneration system. While the efforts by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs BEM KEMA UNPAD to reform the role of students, the approach to the community, network with community organizations, and alumni, regeneration system, upgrading the entire board, campaign literate culture.
Keywords: Implementation, Values, Concept of Nationalism, Student Organizations, and Nationalism

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