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JURNAL PENDIDIKAN BAHASA DAN SASTRA (Journal of Language and Literature Education) is published by Faculty of Language and Literature Education, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia. It publishes research-based articles in the field of language, literature, and its teaching and learning. It is published twice a year, namely in April and October. The scopes of the topics include: 1) Foreign language learning, Indonesian language, vernacular language and Malay language learning; (2) Linguistics; (3) Applied Linguistics, and; (4) Literature. Articles can be written in English, Indonesian or Malay. JURNAL PENDIDIKAN BAHASA DAN SASTRA is recognized as Nationally Accredited Journal by Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education (KEMRISTEKDIKTI) via Decree No.21/E/KPT/2018 - 09 July 2018.

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Nationally Accredited based on the Decree of the Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education, Nomor: 21/E/KPT/2018, tanggal 9 Juli 2018

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JURNAL PENDIDIKAN BAHASA DAN SASTRA (JPBS) mengundang para peneliti, pengkaji, dan akademisi untuk menulis artikel di jurnal JPBS untuk Volume 19, No.2, October 2019.

(JURNAL PENDIDIKAN BAHASA DAN SASTRA (JPBS) invites all researchers, lecturers, and postgraduate students to participate in writing article for the Volume 19, No.2, October 2019)

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If you need more information, please  contact our email: jbahasasastra@upi.edu. 

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Vol 18, No 2 (2018): OKTOBER 2018

Table of Contents


Destiani Destiani, Andayani Andayani, Muhammad Rohmadi
10.17509/bs_jpbsp.v18i2.15505    Abstract views: 167      
Frans Apriliadi, Anwar Efendi
10.17509/bs_jpbsp.v18i2.15506    Abstract views: 84      
Ghina Mardhiyah, Syihabuddin Syihabuddin, Eri Kurniawan, Didin Samsudin
10.17509/bs_jpbsp.v18i2.15507    Abstract views: 41      
Rahadian Duwi Nugroho, Cicilia Tantri Suryawati, Hendri Zuliastutik
10.17509/bs_jpbsp.v18i2.15508    Abstract views: 66      
Andri Wicaksono
10.17509/bs_jpbsp.v18i2.15509    Abstract views: 60      
Ary Budiyanto, Latifah Latifah
10.17509/bs_jpbsp.v18i2.15510    Abstract views: 177      
Tatang Tatang, Cucu Hayati
10.17509/bs_jpbsp.v18i2.15511    Abstract views: 14      
Rehulina Juniarti BR. Sembiring, Pranowo Pranowo, R. Kunjana Rahardi
10.17509/bs_jpbsp.v18i2.15512    Abstract views: 64      
Anis Sussieyani
10.17509/bs_jpbsp.v18i2.15514    Abstract views: 85      
Aquari Mustikawati
10.17509/bs_jpbsp.v18i2.15515    Abstract views: 55      
Halimah Halimah, Sumiyadi Sumiyadi, Vismaia Damaianti
10.17509/bs_jpbsp.v18i2.15516    Abstract views: 65      
Juanda Juanda
10.17509/bs_jpbsp.v18i2.15517    Abstract views: 272