Edulib journal of library and information science was founded in 2011 by the LIS (Library and Information Science), Department of Curriculum and Educational Technology, Faculty of Education, Indonesia University of Education. Edulib Journal is a peer reviewed journal which can be a forum for researchers, professors, students, and practical field of library, information and communication to publish their work widely. EDULIB: Journal Library and Information Science, with registered number ISSN 2089-6549 (print), ISSN 2528-2182 (online) is a scientific multidisciplinary Journal that published by Prodi Perpustakaan dan Ilmu Informasi Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia in the national level that covered many main problems in the science of library and information.


Edulib, practitioners in the field of LIS focuses on the main problems in the development of the information science, documentation science, library science, archieve, librarianship, and ICT in Library. It covers the theoretical and general aspects of Institutional management of information, information and libraries, libraries and communities in the 3.0 Era, libraries in all areas of education (formal, informal, informal), entrepreneurship information services, social librarianship, child and youth librarianship, curriculum and learning libraries, information literacy in all aspects of life, information society, and digital archives.

Kindly read these guidelines carefully.  Authors who want to submit their manuscript to the editorial office of  EduLib should obey the writing guidelines. If the manuscript submitted is not appropriate with the guidelines or written in a different format, it will be REJECTED by the editors before further blind-folded review. The editors will accept only the manuscripts which meet the guidelines and formats as assigned.
EDULIB: Journal Library and Information Science has been accredited as a scientific journal by Ministry of Research-Technology and Higher Education Republic of Indonesia: 21/E/KPT/2018


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Call For Pappers Vol. 8, No. 2, 2018


We announce that you can publish your research paper in Journal of Edulib:Library and Information Science (ISSN: 2528-2182), an interdisciplinary journal of original research and writing in the wide areas of library and information science. The EDULIB is a peer reviewed published four issues per year (Mei, and November).

Deadlines for papers submission: Vol.8 No.2 Nov 2018, submission deadline: 31 October 2018. TEMPLATE of this journal: Tampate Jurnal Edulib believe in quality research work and for this our experienced team of editorial board will do blind peer review of every research paper to maintain the quality standard of every volume.

Looking forward to correspond with you.

Best Regards,

Hana Silvana, M.Si.

Chief Editor Journal EDULIB

Posted: 2018-09-07

International Conference on Library and Information Science 2018


International Conference On Library and Information Science (ICLIS 2018) is an annual conference co-hosted by Program Study Library and Information Science, Curricullum and Technology Educational Department, Faculty of Education Science, Indonesia of University Education. This conference will discuss a board range topic on current library and information issues. The aim of ICLIS 2018 is to provide a platform academicians, educators, librarian, graduate student and other profession in the field library and information and also provides opportunities for delegates to exchange new ideas and experience, and to establish research collaborations globally

Posted: 2018-02-19
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Vol 8, No 1 (2018)

Table of Contents


Neng Dewi Kurnia, Riche Cynthia Johan, Gema Rullyana
10.17509/edulib.v8i1.10208    Abstract views: 298       PDF downloads: 321
Yani Tresnawaty, Erlin Arvelina, Angga Imanurhakim
10.17509/edulib.v8i1.10302    Abstract views: 129       PDF downloads: 146
Riche Cynthia Johan, Deuis Pramida, Anah Rohanah, Inaya Shintia Meidina
10.17509/edulib.v8i1.12063    Abstract views: 95       PDF downloads: 107
Fasha Nurlidia, Rohanda -
10.17509/edulib.v8i1.10419    Abstract views: 107       PDF downloads: 120
Ute Lies Siti Khadijah, Yunus Winoto, Edwin Rizal, Ipit Zulfan
10.17509/edulib.v8i1.11183    Abstract views: 105       PDF downloads: 120
Helmi Purwanti, Idayu Gemalia
10.17509/edulib.v8i1.10483    Abstract views: 64       PDF downloads: 106
Detta Rahmawan, Jimi Narotama Mahameruaji, Preciosa Alnashava Janitra
10.17509/edulib.v8i1.11267    Abstract views: 195       PDF downloads: 165
Laksmi Dewi
10.17509/edulib.v8i1.10901    Abstract views: 90       PDF downloads: 104