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The ASEAN Journal of Science and Engineering(AJSE) (e-ISSN = 2776-5938; p-ISSN = 2776-6098; accreditated SINTA 1 by DGHE (Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, Republic of Indonesia) no 79/E/KPT/2023 on 11/05/2023 (improved from SINTA 4 no 204/E/KPT/2022 on 03/10/2022) is an open access and peer-reviewed journal, published by Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia, which is a dissemination medium for research result from scientists and engineers in many fields of science and technology. It is published three times per year in March, September, and December. Each issue consists of 5-20 articles/reviews.

The editors welcome submissions of papers describing recent theoretical and experimental research related to: (1) Theoretical articles; (2) Empirical studies; (3) Practice-oriented papers; (4) Case studies; (5) Review of papers, books, and resources. 

AJSE is an open-access, peer- reviewed premier journal in its field, in which it has been engaged  with universities and institutions in more than 25 countries across the world, including

Algeria, Argentine, Bangladesh, Brazil, Ethiopia, Indonesia, India, Japan, Libya, Malaysia, Mauritania, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Qatar, Russia Federation, Sweden, Thailand, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, United States, Uzbekistan, Viet Nam, and Zimbabwe.



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Because too many articles are under process in AJSE, since May 2023, new manuscripts must go through presubmission. Only manuscript that passes the presubmission will go through the reviewing process through the system.
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Vol 4, No 2 (2024): (ONLINE FIRST) AJSE: September 2024

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Dwi Fitria Al Husaeni, Dwi Novia Al Husaeni, Asep Bayu Dani Nandiyanto, Mauhibur Rokhman, Saefuddin Chalim, Jiraporn Chano, Abdulkareem Sh. Mahdi Al Obaidi, Martin Roestamy