Geothermal: From Education to a New Solution for Renewable Energy

Naila Raima Fauziah, Surya Alfin Maoludin, Wildan Septi Ramadhan, Wulanda Wafi, Fitri Khoerunnisa, Nanang Winarno


Fossil energy is still the main contributor in Indonesia. In fact, based on a study it is stated that fossil fuels will only last 50-70 years. For this reason, it is necessary to increase the role of geothermal energy as renewable energy. Geothermal energy is very good if it is developed into a new and renewable energy source because it has a good impact on the environment. Geothermal energy also does not damage the local conditions such as mining activities so that biodiversity is preserved. Then, the operation period of the Geothermal Power Generation (known as PLTP) can be more than 30 years and does not require fuel. Geothermal energy is environmentally friendly, and its potential impact on pollution is minimal. Thus, geothermal energy is the right solution to overcome dependence on fossil energy that is not renewable and is expected to run out in the near future.


Education; Energy; Fossil; Geothermal; Renewable

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