R Wismo Suryo Hardanto, Matin Matin, Neti Karnati


The purpose of this study is to know and describe comprehensively the effect of Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction to the Commitment of students college at tertiary institutions of Islamic Religion in Bandung. The object of this study are students in years three and four.This study is doing from April until August 2018. This study is using quantitative study with survey method and path analisys. Data collecting by questioner. The first hipothesis result there’s positive effect of service quality to commitment with correlation coefisien values r13 = 0,507 and path coefisien values ρ31 = 0,322. The second hipothesis result there’s positive effect of customer satisfaction to commitment with correlation coefisien values r13 = 0,588 and path coefisien values ρ31 = 0,458. The third hipothesis result there’s positive effect of service quality to customer satisfaction with correlation coefisien values r13 = 0,403 and path coefisien values ρ31 = 0,403. 


Commitment, Customer Satisfaction, and Service Quality


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