Author Fees

To increase the quality of articles at Alsuniyat, Since September2021 this journal charges the following author fees.

Article Publishing Charges (APCs):  20 (USD) or 200.000 (IDR)

The fee for publication of an original paper in this journal is 200.000 (IDR) (for Indonesian author) & $20 (for Foreign author). If the paper is accepted for publication, you will be asked to fill out and send a Statement of originality along with your digital signature and you will be asked to pay the fee. This fee includes the proofreading cost/fee of the manuscript.

Accepted manuscripts WILL NOT BE PUBLISHED until payment has been received.  The mode of payment:

The author may send through Direct Deposit from any bank to our bank account with the following details:

This is the name and bank account to transfer the fee:

Bank Account Number: 0544-01-022-45-8500


Account Name : Rifaldi Sabarno

*Please email your copy of the publication fee deposit slip to: