The Use Of Behavior Contract Techniques To Reduce Off-Task Behavior For Children With Emotional And Behavioral Disorders At SLB X

L Rahmadhani Fatimah, Junaidi Romadlon Ahsan, E Ediyanto


This study was conducted was found cases of children with emotional barriers who had difficulty completing the assigned tasks because the off-task behavior that appeared was relatively high. The purpose is to find the use of behavior contract techniques in dealing with off-task behavior in children with emotional and behavioral barriers at SLB X. This research is quantitative research with experimental research methods, with a single subject research type. The design of this study is A1-B-A2. The subjects of this study were students with emotional and behavioral barriers. Data collection is carried out by observation methods. The focus of observation is aimed at off-task behavior in the form of leaving the seat. The data obtained are analyzed through descriptive statistical analysis techniques presented in the form of graphs. The components in this study were analyzed using analysis in conditions and analysis between conditions. The results showed that the use of the behavior contract technique was able to reduce the off-task behavior of children with emotional and behavioral barriers at SLB X seeing a decrease in the mean level of each phase. Due to the limited ability of researchers, it is hoped that researchers will further develop the use of this behavior contract technique on other off-task behavior and conduct research with more than one subject using the same or different research.



Behaviour Contract Techniques; Emotional and Behavioural Disorder; off-task.

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