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With the Covid-19 Pandemic, guru's role is not only as a teacher in a formal school but is expected to be an agent of renewal in the face of a new normal where we must all be able to live with the corona virus.  This research aims to get an idea of the experiences that teachers have  as a community coach or extension and the most appropriate type of training during this pandemic.  The data in this descriptive study was obtained from the spread of questionnaires to 16,546 respondents who were teachers at the early childhood education (PAUD) to high school (SMA) levels  throughout Indonesia.  Data processing and analysis is done descriptively, and obtained some results, namely 77.8% of respondents have experience in providing training, and the most training materials ever given by teachers as coaches are about education, which is 88.9%. Related to the skills needed to act as a coach with material about life in Era New Normal,  the majority of guru assume that the ability to speak in public, develop presentation materials and the use of technology are skills that must be possessed. Furthermore, the results of the study can be a reference for the development of training forms with teachers as coaches or extensionists, especially in the New Normal era.


New Normal Era, Teacher Empowerment, Online Training


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