Criteria of Ideal Leadership by Lontaraq: A Study for Learning Materials of Social Studies and History Learning

Irwan Abbas


This study is based on the researcher’s concern about the nation’s condition, especially in the political elites who increased the distance and have been deprived of the noble values of leadership in the past. The various noble values shown by the precursor are available in the local wisdom, which was appropriately recorded in lontaraq. The problem in this study was how the leadership criteria according to lontaraq pappaseng/pappasang on Bugis people of Makassar. This study aimed to describe and analyze the leadership criteria according to the lontaraq pappaseng/ pappasang perspective at Bugis Makassar people. This study used a qualitative approach with a hermeneutic method and content analysis. This research was a descriptive narrative. The data collection method was a literature study of leadership values on the manuscript of lontaraq pappaseng/pappasang and documentation study. This study concluded various leadership criteria based on the local wisdom of Bugis Makassar that had been contained in the lontaraq manuscript. In Bugis Makassar, human leadership is the center of cultural life. The content of the lontaraq pappaseng/ pappasang has some pedagogical values, such as the message and the criteria to be the ideal leader that can potentially contribute as a source of character value in the social science learning process. The findings of this study were expected to be taught through the integration of local content or value in the Core Curriculum of Social learning at the school or university level.


Ideal Leadership, Lontaraq, Social Studies Learning, history Learning

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