Pengaruh Sumber Nitrogen yang Berbeda dalam Medium Murashige dan Skoog (MS, 1962) terhadap Produksi Senesionin pada Kultur “Compact Globular Structure” Crotalaria anagyroides H.B.K

Wahyu Surakusumah


An Experiment on the effect of different nitrogen source in Murashige and Skoog media (MS, 1962) on  senesionin production of compact globular structure of Crotalaria anagyroides has been performed.  CGS culture was obtained from callus culture on liquid MS media with 5.10-5 M NAA and 10-6 M kinetin. The CGS  was transfered into media with different nitrogen source: MS A (amonium+nitrat), MS B (nitrat) and MS C (amonium).  Qualitatif data showed that senesionin could be detected in the CGS exstract by appearence of spot (Rf=0,78). The quantitative data showed that MS C was the best media to produce 4623 mg/DW senesionin  on 30th day.


Crotalaria angyroides; Nitrogen Source; Senesionin; Senesionin Production

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