Edulib journal of library and information science was faounded in 2011 by the Program Library and Information Science, Department of Curriculum and Educational Technology, Faculty of Education, Indonesia University of Education. Edulib Journal is peer reviewed journal which can be a forum for researchers, professors, student, and practical field of library, information and communication to publish his work widely.

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Edulib published two editions in one year in May and November.
We accept the writing on the theme:

1. Information Literacy
2. Excellent service in the library
3. Libraries and community 2.0 era
4. The School library as a vehicle for cultural heir and local knowledge
5. Behavior based user information search by information communication technology (ICT) in the library
6. Dissemination of scientific journals indexed in Scopus or impact factor

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In introducing and developing literacy insights, this time BEM KEMA PEPRUSINFO intends to organize the peak event for the third time, some activities that we will hold in this event series UPI BOOKPEDIA III one of them is National Seminar.

This National Seminar on the theme of Improving Culture Literacy in Community through Community Reading Space with the title "The Role of Community Reading Space (TBM) in Preparing Indonesia of Gold 2045" will be held on Tuesday, March 22, 2018 at Ahmad Sanusi Building, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia.

Posted: 2018-02-19

International Conference on Library and Information Science 2018


International Conference On Library and Information Science (ICLIS 2018) is an annual conference co-hosted by Program Study Library and Information Science, Curricullum and Technology Educational Department, Faculty of Education Science, Indonesia of University Education. This conference will discuss a board range topic on current library and information issues. The aim of ICLIS 2018 is to provide a platform academicians, educators, librarian, graduate student and other profession in the field library and information and also provides opportunities for delegates to exchange new ideas and experience, and to establish research collaborations globally

Posted: 2018-02-19
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Vol 7, No 2 (2017)

Table of Contents


Pawit M Yusup, Yunus Winoto, Neneng Komariah
10.17509/edulib.v7i2.9194    Abstract views: 236       PDF downloads: 92
Tine Silvana Rachmawati, Fitriawati -, Encang Saepudin
10.17509/edulib.v7i2.9488    Abstract views: 139       PDF downloads: 79
Fajar Nugroho, Pudji Muljono, Irman Hermadi
10.17509/edulib.v7i2.9196    Abstract views: 230       PDF downloads: 157
Rachmawati -, Pudji Muljono, Imas Sukaesih Sitanggang
10.17509/edulib.v7i2.9197    Abstract views: 231       PDF downloads: 189
Yunus Winoto, Pawit M Yusup, Sukaesih -
10.17509/edulib.v7i2.9383    Abstract views: 142       PDF downloads: 118
Rohanda -, Yunus Winoto
10.17509/edulib.v7i2.9390    Abstract views: 139       PDF downloads: 115
Meydina Fauzia Ananda, Yooke Tjuparmah S. Komarudin, Susanti Agustina
10.17509/edulib.v7i2.9391    Abstract views: 158       PDF downloads: 79
Arieni Deliasari, Indah Kurnianingsih
10.17509/edulib.v7i2.9384    Abstract views: 158       PDF downloads: 203
Endang Fatmawati
10.17509/edulib.v7i2.9722    Abstract views: 132       PDF downloads: 371