Early Childhood Education & Parenting

ISSN 3046-451X (Online - Elektronik)

Early Childhood Education & Parenting (ECEPA) promotes research in the field of early childhood education, parenting, and ethno parenting  with particular respect to Indonesia, but not limited to authorship or topical coverage within the region. Contributions are expected from lecturers, researchers, teachers, and students at advanced stages of their research. To be published in ECEPA, a rigorous review process will be done.


The editorial contents and elements that comprise the journal include:
  1. theoretical articles
  2. empirical studies
  3. case studies
  4. systematic literature review

The editorial board welcomes innovative manuscripts from early childhood education, parenting and field. The scope of journal are  
  1. Early Childhood Education
  2. Early Childhood Development
  3. Early Childhood Issues
  4. Learning Media in Early Childhood Education
  5. Learning Strategies and Methods in Early Childhood Education
  6. Learning Models in Early Childhood Education
  7. Learning Content in Early Childhood Education
  8. Learning Evaluation in Early Childhood Education
  9. Early Childhood Education from an Islamic Perspective
  10. Early Childhood Education Abroad
  11. Early Childhood Education Across Countries & Cultures
  12. Child Rights
  13. Neuroscience
  14. Parenting
  15. Family Education
  16. Ethnoparenting
  17. Ethnopaedagogic

Vol 1, No 1 (2024)

Table of Contents


Heri Yusuf Muslihin, Resa Respati, N. Nurwahidah
Sitti Muliya Rizka, Thalitha Zada, Siti Mirilda Putri
H. Hikmaturrahmah, Muh. Iksan Akbar, Amalia Nurbaiti
Ninawati Syahrul
Novi Hidayati, Heny Djoehaeni, Badru Zaman